How a Paver Contractor Installs and Maintains Pavers

Pavers are an elegant and durable way to add style, function, and value to your outdoor spaces. To ensure that your paving projects are installed properly and last for years to come, you need to partner with experienced paver contractors. These specialized professionals provide installation, maintenance, and repair services for your paved surfaces. Their expertise and commitment to quality help you get the most out of your property and maximize your return on investment.

When choosing a paver contractor, make sure they are ICPI certified and have a good track record. Ask to see pictures of projects they have done that are similar to yours, and try to visit some of them in person so you can check out how well the work has held up over time. Also, be wary of a contractor who offers you an extremely low bid — this is often a red flag that they are cutting corners to save money by using less-quality materials or substandard labor.

During the planning phase, a works closely with clients to understand their vision for their outdoor space. They may discuss things like color, size, and shape preferences to create a unique, one-of-a-kind design. In addition, they may assess the site to determine the amount of foot traffic that will occur and recommend specific types of pavers that are suited for your unique environment.

Once the plan has been agreed upon, the paver contractor prepares the installation area by excavating the area to the proper depth and laying and compacting a layer of base material composed of crushed stone or gravel. They also install and compact a layer of joint sand to prevent the pavers from shifting or becoming loose over time. Finally, they carefully lay the pavers in a pattern discussed during the planning stage.

A reputable paver contractor is meticulous during the installation process to ensure that your new paved surface is both beautiful and structurally sound. They follow a strict set of procedures that include checking the dimensions of each paver before they are placed, ensuring they fit together without any gaps or cracks. In addition, they will use a plate compactor to secure the joints and sand in place.

After the pavers have been laid and sealed, a paver contractor may apply an additional layer of joint sand to further strengthen the joints. This step is especially important if the paved surface will be subjected to vehicular traffic. Finally, a paver contractor will conduct a final inspection to make sure everything is as planned and that the finished product meets their high standards. They will then clean up the site and provide maintenance services to keep your paved surfaces in tip-top condition for years to come.