Single-Family Homes in McKinney

A single-family home is exactly what you’d expect—a freestanding structure on its own piece of land that’s occupied by one family. These homes have no shared walls or spaces and don’t share utility systems with other structures on the property. These residences are also known as detached homes, semi-detached duplexes, quadruplexes, or townhouses and are a great choice for buyers who don’t want the responsibility that comes with owning multiple properties but want to enjoy many of the benefits of homeownership, such as security, privacy and plenty of space to live, work and play.

Single-family homes tend to be more expensive than other types of housing, including multifamily dwellings, such as apartments or condos. That’s why it’s important for prospective homeowners to have a savings account set aside for the costs of a mortgage, closing costs and initial maintenance and repairs. In addition, they should be prepared for a long-term commitment to the upkeep of their home’s exterior and interior and have some basic do-it-yourself skills that can help them tackle small tasks like mowing, landscaping and tree service without hiring outside contractors.

New construction home Single-family homes in McKinney builders have shown a clear preference for neighborhoods that offer only single-family homes. As a result, there are plenty of options to consider when shopping for a new single-family home in McKinney.

Those who opt for a single-family home in McKinney can look forward to top-rated schools and an active community that’s renowned for its historic charm, strong sense of community and thriving economy. In addition, residents can appreciate the city’s scenic downtown, which blends historic beauty with modern vitality and offers a variety of retail shops, restaurants and other amenities.

This lovely home features a beautiful open floor plan with a spacious master suite. The kitchen includes stainless steel appliances and a pantry. It has a large back yard and a covered patio. This home is located in a desirable neighborhood with a wonderful community pool!

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