Why High Efficiency Heating and Cooling Is Good For the Environment

When a new HVAC system is installed in your home, you’ll likely save money on energy bills thanks to its greater efficiency. The fact that a high-efficiency system uses less natural gas or electricity than an older, inefficient model also makes it better for the environment.

Replacing an old, outdated furnace with a new, high-efficiency model is one of the best things you can do to improve your energy usage. Moreover, it will improve your comfort and may increase your home’s resale value.

An ENERGY STAR® certified system provides a premium level of performance, which means that it is more efficient and quieter than traditional systems. This type of system can help you reduce your energy bills, and it also comes with an extended warranty that is worth looking into.

A new high-efficiency https://www.eheatcool.com system can greatly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that are produced by your household. Since it will use 30% to 50% less power than an older system, you will be using fewer fossil fuels and reducing greenhouse gases.

Most homes in the United States are heated with a gas-powered furnace or boiler. These types of systems are rated using the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency AFUE rating, which measures the thermal efficiency of combustion equipment over the entire heating season. High-efficiency models are rated to have an AFUE of 90% or higher.

Compared to a standard furnace, an AFUE-rated system can use up to half as much natural gas and generate up to one-third less carbon dioxide.

In addition to minimizing energy usage, a new heating system can minimize air leakage and reduce your indoor humidity levels. This helps keep the air in your house more comfortable and prevents moisture from causing mold and mildew problems.

A high-efficiency central air conditioning unit can also remove moisture from the air. It does this by running longer cycles at lower temperatures, which keeps the air drier. In some cases, a high-efficiency system can even eliminate the need for air filters in your home.

Whether you’re using electricity, natural gas or another form of energy to run your home in Eatonton, you can make a difference by choosing an efficient model. If you decide to switch to a natural gas heating system, it’s important to check with your local utility company to see what kind of conversion options are available.

A new, high-efficiency HVAC system can be a great investment for your family. Not only will you save on your energy bill, but a new system can also boost your resale value when the time comes to sell your home. Contact the experts at Efficiency Heating & Cooling for more information about getting a new, high-efficiency heating and cooling system for your home. You’ll be glad you did. We can even assist you in securing an ENERGY STAR® certification for your home! You can trust us to provide the best products, quality service and professional installation.