Why It’s Important to Have Your Underfloor Heating Engineer Serviced

Underfloor heating engineers are the professionals responsible for installing, servicing and repairing both electrical and water underfloor systems. They may also provide advice and assistance with selecting the best system for a particular property, ensuring it meets both its heating requirements and budget. Underfloor heating is a popular alternative to traditional radiators and has several benefits including being kinder on the environment, offering design freedom and being more child friendly. However, like any system it can develop faults and problems from time to time and underfloor heating installation companies should be encouraging their clients to have their systems serviced before winter begins.

Underfloor heating involves plastic pipes being buried under the floor which are then connected to your boiler via a stainless steel manifold, which controls the flow, temperature and direction of the hot water. The heat from these pipes is then dispersed around the room by a thermostat. Underfloor heating is a great way to heat a home, especially when combined with high-efficiency gas boilers. The warmth is distributed evenly throughout the space and it can even help to reduce humidity levels, reducing dust mites and allergies in the process.

It’s important to have your UFH system regularly serviced as this will help to keep it running efficiently and at its maximum performance. Faults that can occur include trapped air, blocked pipes, electrical issues, unevenly heated zones and malfunctioning pumps. If left unchecked these can lead to a number of problems such as lower heating output, a higher energy bill and more costly repairs in the future.

When a problem does arise, many homeowners fear that their floors will need to be removed in order to make the necessary repairs. But thankfully, this isn’t always the case. Depending on the issue, your underfloor heating engineer near me will be able to use thermal imaging equipment and other specialist tools to pinpoint the exact source of the problem, meaning your floors won’t need to be completely stripped.

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If you’re an underfloor heating installer, it’s important to encourage your customers to have their systems serviced before winter begins. You can do this by putting together a flyer or emailing them with details, or by adding the message to your social media channels. It’s also worth considering including the benefits of regular UFH servicing in your product literature and on your website. This can help to boost customer loyalty and ensure that your clients are fully prepared for the upcoming colder weather.